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Romanian Hereditary Angioedema Network Workshop - Tîrgu Mureş, Romania October 2010 | Program | Picture gallery |

Hereditary Angioedema With C1 Inhibitor Deficiency - Clinical Trials and Evidence Based Treatment, Gargnano, Italy, September 2010 | Program |

Firazyr for the Romanian HAE patients

The European Commission has granted in 2008 Jerini AG marketing authorization for its compound Firazyr (R) (Icatibant) in the treatment of acute attacks of hereditary angioedema in all EU countries. Firazyr works by blocking the B2 receptor as an antagonist to the peptide-hormone bradykinin. Bradykinin has been shown to be elevated in HAE patients and responsible for edema formation during HAE attacks.

Berinert P in Romania

In 2009, CSL Behring GmbH, Germany, has been granted authorization to market Berinert P in Romania for the treatment of acute hereditary angioedema attacks. Berinert P is a purified, virus-inactivated, human plasma-derived C1 inhibitor concentrate. Berinert is now licensed in 28 countries around the world including many European countries. CSL Behring completed the European Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP) for Berinert in 23 countries in December, 2008. Marketing authorization was also granted for USA in november 2009 and Australia in January, 2010.