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Frequency, timing, and type of prodromal symptoms associated with hereditary angioedema attacks

According to a study recently published in Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, 87.0% of HAE patients report the presence of prodromal symptoms before their last HAE attack and 95.7% pf them reported having had prodromal symptoms before HAE attacks in the past. The most commonly reported prodromal symptoms included unusual fatigue, rash, and muscle aches. Prodromes occur frequently before HAE attacks.

Novel mutagenesis mechanism for hereditary angioedema pathogenesis

In a recent study done by a group of Greek researchers 3 unrelated families with recurrent angioedema attacks and decreased C1 inhibitor antigenic levels were analyzed for SERPING1 mutations. One family displayed a novel SERPING1 alteration, characterized by the substitution of two consecutive nucleotides TC to AA, resulting in a termination codon (F225X). The authors consider that this is the first report of such a mutation in SERPING1, causing HAE. The second and the third family displayed mutations already described in the literature.

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