Annual Conference 2016 - Romanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Advances in Allergology Interdisciplinary approaches 

13-15 May 2016 - Hotel CARO, Bucharest

The complete Conference Program can be accessed here.

Excerpts from the conference program

Friday, May 13 - Preconference programme

SORESCU Hall, 5th floor

Hereditary angioedema practice oriented workshop

08.30 – 10.20: Global and regional development of hereditary angioedema (HAE) management

Chairpersons: Dumitru MOLDOVAN, Henriette FARKAS, Marco CICARDI

Dumitru MOLDOVAN: Introduction

Peter J. SPÄETH: Concise overview of Hereditary Angioedema Knowledge Progress

Timothy CRAIG: Treatment Guidelines for Hereditary Angioedema

Sandra CHRISTIANSEN: US HAEA Angioedema Center: Role of the Physician Patient Partnership

Konrad BORK: Management of hereditary angioedema in Germany

Marco CICARDI: Overview of HAE management in Italy and the Italian HAE Registry

Lilian VARGA, Henriette FARKAS: Hungarian Angioedema Center

Avner RESHEF, Iris LEIBOVICH-NASSI: HAE in Israel 2016: Patient Management and Healthcare Issues

Sladjana ANDREJEVIC: Hereditary angioedema in Serbia from epidemiological to genetic studies

Anna VALERIEVA: HAE - Bulgarian experience since 1973


10.40 – 12.10: HAE in Romania: present and future

Chairpersons: Dumitru MOLDOVAN, Dorica DAN

Jovan JANKOVSKI (Macedonia): Three steps forward, two steps back in our fight for HAE therapy in Macedonia

Ramona PETRAN, Paul BUZEA: The voice of Romanian HAE patients (clich here to download PDF presentation in Romanian)

Dumitru MOLDOVAN: Good news and bad news in HAE managment in Romania. Guidelines of HAE and the road map for a real change of attitude

Dorica DAN: Reference centers in Rare Diseases in Romania

Lászlo LORENZOVICI: Implementation of Health Technology Assessment in Romania and its impact on the access to the innovative drugs


Ballroom, Ground floor

Up-to-date Session

Chairpersons: Ioana AGACHE, Todor POPOV, Florin-Dan POPESCU

08.30 - 10.30

Daniel SUEZAtopic Dermatitis

Henriette FARKASHereditary Angioedema


10.45 - 12.15

Avner RESHEF, Iris LEIBOVICH-NASSIDrug-induced Angioedema - an Imminent Challenge in the Emergency Room

14.30 - 15.30: Challenges in diagnosis and treatment of angioedema without wheals

Chairpersons: Dumitru MOLDOVAN, Florin-Dan POPESCU

Marco CICARDI: Angioedema phenotypes: disease expression and classification

Bruce L. ZURAWHereditary Angioedema: What Does the Future Hold in Store? 


Saturday, May 14

10.00 - 11.15

Emergencies in allergology

Chairpersons: Henriette FARKAS, Dumitru MOLDOVAN

Konrad BORKLaryngeal attacks and asphyxiation in patients with hereditary angioedema

Jonathan A. BERNSTEINEmergency Treatment Of Acute Urticaria And Anaphylaxis 


The complete Conference Program can be accessed here.


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